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Not with electrical

My next door neighbors were freakily trying to do up their house using a lot of DIY projects that the couple and the children watched all day on YouTube.

So, both of us shifted into houses adjacent to each other at almost the same time of the year and while I was done with decorating my house in a month’s time, the family next door is still laboring away eight months into the house warming. Each room has at least a dozen articles that are purely handmade. They don’t look like perfect but hey, like I said it is a matter of personal prerogative.

Lights and fixture also:

One fine day they decided that they were not going to even hire an electrician to look at the lines in their house an so the husband who doubled up as an electrician gave is green signal and they fixed up a beauty of a chandelier that they had salvaged form a auction in their home town.

This was a disaster waiting to happen. Electric points and lines need to be updated with standardizes hardware from time to time because they are the things that is subject to the most wear and tear. The chandelier caught fire because of a short circuit and would have been fatal for the whole family including a two month old baby if the smoke alarms had not gone off in time.

The fire department later made it categorically clear that since the new fittings were hooked up to the old lighting lines, they were not able to completely take the load and thus that is why the fire was sparked off.

This was a big lesson to the neighborhood. DIY is one thing but you should never ever think that you can manage to do the electrician’s or the plumber’s job especially if you are not trained professionally to do such tasks.

And the flooring?

The companies that advertise easy to install flooring are probably cashing on the sentiment that people nowadays love to do everything by themselves.

The panel floors that are available in the market have to be measured and cut to size and laid with special glue that is available. But have you thought what happens to the corners and the extras in the room. If it is a correct square you won’t find the difficulty but the corners and crevices need professional help to lie unless you are not a stickler for neatness and good craftsmanship. But I am!